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Feel Free to Look Around!

Raven Promotions and Social Media is a locally based business working with other local businesses, musicians and artists!

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A service that works WITH you and keeps communication open with one on one focus.


Providing Social Media Marketing reliability and daily maintenance.


Full confidentiality for all contracted clients.

Quick Service

If you need something done in a pinch, the reliabilty of quick service is provided

Why choose us?

Dedicated to local and small businesses and artists of all types. This company was developed with the understanding that most small local businesses and artists are not allotted the time or ability to do self promoting or care for social media aspects of promotion. Raven Promotions & Social Media, has the ability to assist in the endeavors and dreams of local artists in and around Saint Augustine, Florida, in hopes of achieving the individual goals set by such entrepreneurs. My concept for Raven Promotions & Social Media, is to work WITH people and businesses to further their dreams, large or small, to develop long lasting relationships in the community, and to bring people together in satisfying calls, wants and needs.

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Annual Events!

Old City Steam Art Show

Geek Out Art Show

Arts & Orgs On The Water

Haunted Masquerade Art Show

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